We are the experts in PCB board manufacturing, assembly and supply.

Below you will find information about industry sectors that we cover, and also the variety of services that we perform for our wide range of customers.


Technologies that are out of this world require especially ‘World Class’ PCB board manufacturing and assembly techniques. Hallmark Electronics has been delivering these required techniques/solutions and manufacturing expertise to a broad spectrum of companies in the Aerospace arena.

Space exploration and the very latest in fighter jet specialist design operations have enjoyed a range of services from Hallmark; with the high levels of quality required and of course, a speedy delivery. Hallmarks prototyping expertise and also our excellence in customer support are always there for all of our customers.

We can boast over 20 years support to one particular loyal customer in bare board PCB; as well as fully populated PCB Supply in the ‘Down Hole’ drilling arena. This has helped to cement a trusted approach to shared technology development; as a result, we at Hallmark Electronics realise that a customer/supplier partnership is the way forward.

We often find our knowledge of the Oil & Gas market coupled with the extensive support from our own material suppliers has helped to prompt high-temperature PCB material into the many applications discussed with our customers.

We have numerous other Oil & Gas customers enjoying many years of products and services from Hallmark Electronics.



Hallmark over many years has been regular suppliers to both motor rally and also Formula 1 racing teams. Many household top named teams have been supported by our products; we provide a range of PCB and assembly services, such as our super fast prototyping.

Being at the cutting edge of technology, these teams have really pushed the boundaries of electronic circuit design, with the use of exotic materials and demanding mechanical performance. Hallmark has risen to the challenge of providing high layer multi layer, flex, flex-rigid PCB’s to support their quality requirements and also on-time deliveries.

A varied sector for the team at Hallmark, as well as very challenging, with stringent quality requirements expected as standard.

Quite a high percentage of Hallmark’s work mix comes from the medical manufacturing industries. This includes fast prototyping and also monthly scheduled drops with one of our larger customers; therefore requiring Hallmark to deliver PCB boards assembled to IPC Class 3 standards.


The nature and sensitivity within this sector often means that the many exciting challenges we are asked to be involved in are difficult to promote and therefore we are unable to provide specific examples.

As a result, all we can really say is that we are regularly involved with a number of military applications and customers in this line of technology. Specialist materials as well as challenging designs are a frequent occurrence with projects that focus on using Flexi, Flex-rigid PCB Technologies.

Many technical advancements in the processing of milk, has earned Hallmark a recent project to develop control equipment to make the necessary advancements and also economic improvements to milk production.

Through Hallmark Electronics’ conceptual design, PCB Prototyping and also, production engineering, our customer has seen sales to his customer base soar; this has been achieved through the result of the technical efficiencies, reliability, safety, economic and of course, quality improvements to the product range as developed by our customer and Hallmark Electronics’ design team.



The growth in the music industry has created the need for continued support to the individuals as well as companies serving in this market. Therefore, Hallmark is well placed to serve and support these needs; boasting a proactive approach and also an ability to provide a full ‘one stop shop’ service.

One particular small but growing company enjoys the dedicated and also supportive attention that the team at Hallmark provides. Starting off as many great ideas do, from a home-based startup; this company now enjoys its own virtual factory experience with Hallmark as well as our continued support.

The PCB Manufacturing and assembly departments of Hallmark are now an extension of this customers own business premises; as a result, providing this facility and the extended partnership has given Hallmark the growth in full production runs of the finished product, this includes PCB manufacture, electronic component procurement, assembly, box machining, painting and silk screening, final box assembly and of course, testing before delivery.

We are truly delighted and also humbled to be associated with this innovative company; in conclusion, they are a large player in Hallmark’s ever-expanding range of customers belonging to this category and segment of the music market.

The above is just a preview of the many projects and industry sectors we continuously provide support for. We are challenged on a regular basis to work with many niche products and also the opportunities that new clients bring.




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